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Massaranduba tree appearance wood uses and lumber

Massaranduba trees are very common throughout the tropical rainforests of South and Central America and grown on plantations in West Asia. The scientific name of massaranduba is manilkara bidentata. This tree is sometimes called the bulletwood tree due to its hard, dense and heavy lumber. Massaranduba is part of the sapotaceae family that consists of many plant and tree species. Massaranduba wood has real tropical hardwood properties, high in density and very durable. It is a fast growing tree and gaining popularity for its wood uses and its nice dark red brown color.


Massaranduba tree, leaf and flower description

The massaranduba tree can grow to heights up to 131 feet or 40 meters. The tree is classed as evergreen and has leaves all year. Leaves of the massaranduba tree are arranged alternate and elliptic shaped. They can reach lengths up to 9 inches or 25 cm and are dark green collard. The massaranduba tree has small white bell shaped flowers. These small clusters of flowers hang between the leaflet and the branch.

Massaranduba tree bark and trunk

Young Massaranduba trees have smooth grey brown bark on the outside. Inside the bark of this tree has a more pinkish color. When the tree gets older the bark gets thicker, fissured and scaly. Older trees keep their pinkish inner bark. Massaranduba bark has high levels of natural latex content. On plantations is tapped and used in products like golf balls and more. The diameter of the trunk depends on the age of the tree. Old trees can have trunks with a diameter up to 5 feet or 1.5 meters.

Massaranduba wood properties and durability

Fresh massaranduba heartwood has a dark red to red brown color. Sapwood is paler red brown colored. Exposure to sunlight gives the wood a nice dark color. Massaranduba wood has a fine even texture, high bending and crushing strength. The average dried weight of the wood at a moisture content of 12% is 1050 kg per cubic meter. The durability of massaranduba is classed as I high durability. It is resistant to most rot type and many types of insect.


Massaranduba wood working tips and uses

Massaranduba wood is called bulletwood for a reason. The lumber is heavy and high density and difficult to work with hand tools. Pre drilling is always advised when screws or nails are used. Massaranduba has high bending strength and good shock resistance. It can be glued but special heavy duty glue is advised due its high weight. Massaranduba wood is used in a wide range of products like heavy construction but also as flooring, decking, in and out-house furniture, turned articles, toys and much more.

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