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Cherry tree appearance wood uses and lumber

Cherry trees are common throughout the northern temperate zones of the world From Europe and Asia to North America. The scientific name of European cherry is prunus avium and is part of the rosaceae family. Sweet cherry is a more common name for the European cherry tree. This tree is famous for its delicious fruits but don't forget the excellent properties of cherry wood and beautiful flowers!

cherry tree real garden tree with delicious fruits and good wood properties!

Cherry tree, leaf and fruit description

cherry tree leaves and fruitsThe cherry tree can grow to heights up to 80 feet or 25 meters. The tree is classed deciduous and won't have leaves from late autumn till early spring.

Cherry leaves are arranged alternate and elliptic to oblong shaped. The leaves have a deep green color on the sun side and covered with soft hairs on the other side. A cherry leaf can reach lengths up to 6 inches or 15 cm.

Cherries are the major trademark of the cherry tree. These delicious fruits are attractive to see and very tasty to eat. Inside the cherry sits a single hard seed that's used in a wide range of products such as pillows or oil.


Cherry tree bark and trunk

Yong cherry trees have smooth red brown bark. When the tree gets older the bark gets a bit darker and more peeling. Cherry trees are short living and trunks of older trees often start to rot. The trunk of older trees can have a diameter up to 31 inch or 0.8 meters


Cherry wood properties and durability

Fresh cherry heartwood has a yellow to light red brown color. The Sapwood is more yellow to reddish white colored. Exposure to sunlight gives the cherry wood a darker color, more in line with the heartwood. Cherry wood is known for its fine texture, moderate strength and elastic properties. The average dried weight of the wood at a moisture content of 12% is 620 kg per cubic meter. The durability of cherry wood is classed as III moderate durability.


Cherry wood working tips and uses

cherry tree wood uses and wood propertiesCherry wood nails, screws, glues, and works well both by hand or machine. Pre drilling is advised when screws or nails are used. Iron can cause colorations in the cherry lumber just like in alder wood. Make sure when nailing to use non iron nails to prevent this.

Fresh cherry lumber shrinks but after drying remains stable. Cherry wood is used in a wide range of products like

  • furniture
  • flooring
  • turned articles
  • music instruments
  • veneer
  • and more!

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