Alder tree wonderful strong trees! | Alder wood and the uses

Alder Tree and Alder Wood

Alder Deciduous tree (V)

(Wood color of Alder)
"Alnus glutinosa"
Betulacea - also known as - Els - Aliso - Erle - Aune

Alder Tree basic facts

The alder tree grows in northern and central Europe. She is 15 to 25 m. high. The trunk is 6 to 12 meters, has a diameter of 30 up to 120 cm and is branche-free. Alder wood is pale yellow with a light reddish brown tone.

The Leafs, catkind, clots of the Alder Tree

Alder leaf with catkins.Alder Clot.

Alder wood positive uses

Wood excesses as nodules, are beautifully veined and are used by cabinet makers for turning into buttons and pipe bowls. Alder wood is soft, tough and moderately strong. It is easily to work, to glue and to cut. Down under water Alder wood rests a very long time.

Alder wood negative uses

When alder woods comes into contac with iron corrosion can occur. Stainless steel is recommended. Fixings and screws provide moderate grip. An annoying side effect is dry delay when the wood is finished with a polyester-based resource. In contact with wet cement or concrete chemicals in the wood will prevent the process of hardening. Dark dots, called medullary spots, are common.

Density and Durability of Alder Wood

The average weight of 1m ³ Alder-wood at a moisture content of 12% is 530 kilograms. Durability V

Alder Timber uses

Due to its softness, the wood can be used as casting models. In industry, it is used as handles for brooms and brushes. It is also suitable for toys, turning, carving, sculpture and plywood. Alder-wood is somewhat water resistant and ideal as a pile.

Alder tree
The Alder Tree