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Trees are fantastic!

Trees are the most complex and successful plant species on the planet. Almost one third of the earth is covered in trees. They come in all sizes, from the smallest artic willows to the tallest Californian redwoods. Most tree species outlive humans many times and some are thousands of years old. Trees inspire us with their beauty and root deep in the human psyche. Fairy tales, poetry, art and literature all often inspired by the beauty and mysteries of trees.

Trees are vital for humans and wildlife

Trees can be seen as the lungs of the earth. They play a vital role and filter carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. One hectare of trees provides enough oxygen for forty five people. Tree roots prevent landslides and keep fertile soil in place. Forests can store water and raise water levels so all plant and animal life benefits. Leaves release moisture and give protection from the sun on warm summer days but also shelter on cold windy days.

Tree wood and lumber uses

Tree wood plays an essential role in human society. It is used as a valued fuel source for ages. Many people use firewood to warm their homes and cook their food. Coal from trees long gone is also a highly valued fuel source. We also relay on trees for their wood and lumber for housing and construction. Tree wood and lumber properties are just as diverse as the species themselves. Ranging from tropical heartwood to soft pine sapwood all with their different properties and uses to us.

Tree uses for food and medicine

Trees are not only famous for their wood and lumber uses. Many trees provide both people and wildlife with food. Famous tree fruits like apples, chestnuts, pears, cherries and many more are used in a wide range of food recipes. Trees are also a big source of pharmaceuticals. Bark, fruits, flowers, sap and roots often contain chemicals that can be used to create medicine to save human lives.

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